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Beata Rybka
Social Rehabilitation


'Cool Steps' for adults

1. I provide professional consultations and help in dealing with various problems.

2. I can act as a mediator between you and your closest environment:

  • partner,
  • children,
  • co-workers,
  • friends.

3. We will work on a free, creative activity, while strengthening the functioning in a group with consideration of human rights declarations, social and cultural norms, and universal law.

'Cool Steps' for parents and children

1. I provide professional consultations, help in dealing with various children’s problems and give pedagogical advice to those interested.
2. I can act as mediator between you as parent and your environment:

    • children,
    • teachers,
    • your child’s friends.

3. I assist in planning creative and safe management of free time
Every moment and every experience take part in shaping the child’s mind and character.

About Cool Steps


I deal with strengthening and facilitating the path of personal development and effective functioning in the social environment.

I will help you with finding opportunities and ways to solve problems in relation to all life situations, build a healthy balans between you and:

  • your partner,
  • family,
  • school/work,
  • friends,
  • and guide you to the understanding of your individual psychological process.


Social Rehabilitation Educator

Together we will set out into the world around us with the enthusiasm and passion of the explorer, with the wonder and delight of a child .

We will look at social roles and try to see them not as limitation of our freedom (where my freedom ends; where yours begins), but as a source of satisfaction, or at very least, as painless and rewarding obligations.

How to create beneficial habits and behaviors empowering us to prevent and fight addiction and escapism.

We will discuss escapism: when to escape, why, how and where?

How to utilize your inner strength, raging hormones, instead of suppressing it.

And how deal with hormones drops, how to raise enthusiasm and pump endorphins up.

Remember, no matter what path you choose in life, you change all the time as you go through different phases in your life. Catch your best with ‘Cool Steps’ be in constant motion… And if you need advice or inspiration, I am here 🙂


Mon. – Frie. 11AM – 19PM


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